Product leadership Webinar

Evolving from off-shore projects to Global Matrix Teams

6th Mar 2018

9 pm IST | 7.30 am PDT

Key Takeaways

Creating effective product teams that defy regional and time zone differences creates special challenges – especially when many of the business decisions originate remotely from the product teams. In this webcast Dale Clark will share insights he gained as his organization evolved from a centrally collocated structure, moved to leveraging outsourced and off-shore resources, and finally transformed into a globally matrixed team.

About the Speaker

Dale L. Clark,
Ex.VP, Product Management at CA Technologies

Dale Clark gained a life-long passion for creating and working with high-performance teams through the U.S. Navy’s nuclear power program and submarine service. He has leveraged that passion and experience to establish top-performing product teams in a variety of commercial software development organizations – ranging from a three-person startup to an enterprise-focused “mega-vendor”. His strengths in individualization, achieving, and responsibility serve to provide actionable insights into the team dynamics of modern product teams.

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