Empathy in Product Development - "Lead With Your Ears and not With Your Mouth"

25 Jun 2019

09:00 pm - 10:00 pm IST

Key Takeaway

About the Speaker


Paul Ortchanian,
Founder & CEO,
Bain Public

Paul Ortchanian is a problem-solver by nature. He helps rapidly scaling early-stage startups craft their Business models, Revenue Streams, Product Strategy, User Experience and Data Science approaches. He also helps middle market and scrappy companies generate new product strategies for significant, sustainable growth. Paul focuses on marketplaces, AI/ML, AdTech, emerging tech and companies addressing complex social challenges. By founding Bain Public, running product for a disruptive Bay Area startup or leading Operations and Engineering for a global organization, he acquired the breadth of experience to find the common denominator to make businesses successful.
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