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Vishwanath Parameswaran

Member of Forbes Coaches Council

Vishwanath Parameswaran is the CEO of The Institute of Transformational Coaching, his  work is focused on building transformative, eco-systemic leadership.
He has worked with several Fortune 500 organizations facilitating senior leadership workshops on Transformational Coaching, Influencing without Authority and Self Insights for Leaders. He is an expert  in leadership development, culture building, succession planning, change acceleration and organization design.
He is also a part of the Forbes Coaches Council and a Hogan certified coach.
Some of the organizations he has worked with include McKinsey, Barclays Bank, Adobe, Deloitte, Shell, Texas Instruments and Philips Research, Bath Consulting, Thought Works, Tata Power, VeriSign, Monsanto, SAP, ARM, Cisco, Geometric, Crisil, Liberty Videocon Insurance, Bharti Axa, Nokia, NetApp, Flipkart and Bloom Energy.


Every exit is a new entry to somewhere else

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