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The Other Side of Product - Industry Connect with Mohit Sethi

Mohit Sethi, popularly known as “The Accidental Product Manager” looks at products through the lenses of data. He tries to develop usable products without the biases of past design or UX experiences. He prefers data analytics to decide the feature than the other way around, which at times conflicts with the basics of product management. On the 22nd of September, he delivered a session on “The Other Side of Product”, where he shared some truisms on Product Management. Here are the 3 key takeaways from his session – Who is Your Product for? The design of the product completely differs based on your customers and their requirements. For instance, in a B2B product, features may take priority over the UX whereas it’s the reverse in a B2C app. A/B Testing has been around for ages and Product Managers even abuse it. But if you have an option of doing multiple tests, to find the best version of your Product, you should totally leverage it. Example – When it comes to CTA Buttons, you can experiment with the text color, font, background colour, sizes and design, and run 5 experiments simultaneously to decide which button generates more traction. When it comes to Data, be Proactive You need to be generating huge amounts of data. . If not, you need to ask the right people with the right reasons, because no one is going to just give it to you. Most importantly, don’t be emotional; use this Data to make judgements. If you are still here, you should check out the Data Science for Decision Making Bootcamp. It’s a 1-month Program to help you drive decisions with data!