Institute of Product Leadership
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Suvrajit Sarkar, EMBA Class of 2017-B

What are the key challenges you faced in the gaming industry?

Developing a product should come from the pain points of customers. In the gaming industry, it is difficult to find a pain point until you actually interview the customers and start engaging them at a deeper level. We picked up a genre, figured the target audience and interacted to figure out the challenges in that particular genre which gives rise to new gaming ideas in that space.

I felt this is the right place to be in.

What are the kinds of Product Managers currently?

There are two different kinds of product managers currently: Firstly, the customer-based product manager is one who faces them to bring solutions to their problems and secondly, Technical product managers who do the design aspects, tech and production part of the product.

Why did you choose IPL?

I was an entrepreneur twice before and the second time, it was more challenging and did not exhibit favorable results. This brought me to an understanding management is missing to deliver a successful product. IPL has provided me with a brilliant framework that explained the end-to-end process of a product and that is where “I felt this is the right place to be in.”