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Success Stories of Indian Product Companies

Interview with Nandini Vaidyanathan

The start-up story continues to grow tremendously in India. With many emerging start-ups in our country, there is promise and hope for a lot of product innovators to find opportunities for themselves as well as for many others by creating great products and services within the Indian market. According to this Economic Times article, where Ravi Gururaj, chairman of the Nasscom Product Council, has mentioned that the strategy of targeting domestic players will benefit these start-ups, as many international rivals still do not properly understand the nuances of India. Most of these product start-ups are located in South India, mainly driven by the availability of skilled engineers. Zinnov, a management consultancy which closely tracks the technology sector, estimates between now and 2015, up to 600 product companies will be created every year. Courtesy: Economic Times. What makes the entire story so interesting is that these companies have incredibly maintained focus on keeping the drive for success through their meticulous approach and passionately driving their dream by keeping at it one day at a time. Below is the compiled list from the Economic Times article on how they are making their start-up a success story.

Sapience: Pune-based, productivity audit company Sapience Analytics, has been recognised among India’s most promising software product companies for 2013 by Nasscom in its annual Emerge League of 10 Award. USP: Helps increase productivity by measuring and analysing employee data

Nanobi Analytics USP: India’s first Analytics App Store. NanoBi Data Analytics aims to provide analytics at low cost to India’s 36 million small and medium businesses. The idea struck Mahesh Ramakrishnan while designing an analytics platform for India’s Unique ID programme in 2008-09 as a consultant.
EXOTEL TECHCOM: USP: Software offering virtual call centre for SMEs. Exotel provides cloud telephony through a single mobile number that can be routed to a number of mobile phones.
FLYTXT: USP: Provides consultancy, technology & execution for mobile marketing. The company charges a percentage of what customers gain through its product.
UNIPHORE: USP: Provides cloud-based voice applications for businesses. Uniphore is building voice-based application for businesses using both Indian language speech recognition and voice biometrics. This Chennai-based firm, which provides the technology on the cloud, has millions of hours of spoken data on its platform.
VOICE OF BIG DATA USP: Real-time facial recognition technology. The company has bagged two US-based customers and is looking to expand in Latin America and Asia Pacific, said Anapu, an alumnus of University of Oklahoma.
WAYBEO TECHNOLOGIES USP: Offers Voice interaction based business intelligence.  BounzD, their most sought-after product, streams voice through browsers and enable instant voice interaction between online customer and business.

KEYPOINT TECHNOLOGIES: USP: Market leader in language-based keyboard interface. The Hyderabad-based company has a sizeable presence in Asia and is looking to expand in the United States.

LINKSMART TECHNOLOGIES: USP: Provides a combination of tamper evident and anticounterfeiting technology

CLOUDBYTE: USP: Hosting disparate workloads on a single cloud storage platform   Courtesy: Economic Times

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