Lean principles are pretty hot these days and it makes so much sense. So…you read about Minimum Viable Product (MVP) -maximum learning with minimal effort; Talking to customers – “Get out of the building”; “Build-Measure-Learn” and if you wonder…

- how can you leverage the benefits of these principles in large organizations you are part of?

- Where do you start?

- How people are actually doing this? What are the challenges they are running into? What is working? What is NOT working?

If you are a product manager or a technologist building a product and want to know what it really takes to leverage “Lean in Large organizations” you can learn from industry practitioners in Product Leaders Forum -2015, Non-profit event on Feb 20th @ Marriott Hotel, Whitefield , Bangalore.

Reserve your seat for “Lean in Large Organization” session where you will learn exactly that:)

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