Sima Umathay - ICPM Class of Fall 2013

Sr. Program Manager/Program Manager, Cisco to Product & Program Management, Flipkart

There are some among us who are competent at what they do and have achieved enviable distinctions as professionals. Yet, they seek opportunities to continuously upgrade their skills and possess an insatiable thirst for knowledge. One such person is Sima Umathay. There are some among us who strive for excellence in whatever they do. And then there are some

who don’t stop at excellence. They continuously challenge themselves to scale further horizons as they evaluate and upgrade their skills. One such seeker of perfection is Sima Umathay.

Sima Umathay is a Certified Product Manager (CPM) and possesses exceptional technical knowledge on web technologies. She is an effective communicator and can clearly convey core technical aspects to non­technical folk. She has been repeatedly felicitated for her superlative management and successful delivery of various parallel intitiatives. She is credited for developing an alternative in­house performance monitoring technique which resulted in savings of $1 Million dollars for the organization. This dynamic Manager has also been vital in collating customer stats and inputs to foster deep customer engagements while at State Farm.

Sima’s personal quest has always been to absorb and repurpose the knowledge she gathered as she scaled up the corporate ladder, via Fortune 500 companies like Cisco and State Farm. Apart from her technical expertise, she has been exposed to roles within software administration, infrastructure management, project management, and customer relations to name a few. She is currently a Senior Program Manager, Product Management at Flipkart. Social responsibility is the additional dimension to this motivated performer. She continues ot contribute to society through causes such as Big Brother Big Sister foundation and the Association for Talent Development.

This achiever next set her professional sights on Product Management, as she realized that this could be invaluable in her career growth. She sought a program that offered hands­on experience with simulations and implementations, under a guided environment where she could pick up the micro-skills that led to successful Product Management. This is when she met Prof. Pinkesh Shah of the Institute of Product Leadership. The in-depth curriculum, the expert industry experts who made up the faculty, and the thriving environment of experiential learning helped her instantly make up her mind.

Experienced as she was, and unwilling to take two years off from her rapid career growth, a full-time MBA seemed impractical. She found the ICPM (International Post Graduate Certificate Program in Product Management & Marketing) course offered by the Institute of Product Leadership the optimal solution as it would provide her with critical professional skills without enforcing a time-off from her job.

At the end of the ICPM program, Sima declares that she was sold by the expansive knowledge and humility of the faculty, and her fellow program participants who represented a variety of sectors and brought with them valuable insights and perspectives with an insatiable appetite to learn and share knowledge.

She also emphasises the value and validity of experiential learning, which she endorses to be the vital part of the program which all other contemporary institutes fail to offer. She says “I cannot stress enough that the biggest part of the program was the hands­on learning environment, through which the experience of the faculty and the fellow participants shared, is invaluable”. She mentions special praise for the Business Operations team as they were interactive, humble, and who were available for help at all times, in organising the learning experiences. She says “the Business Operations team were the backbone of the ICPM course and that I would like to thank them”.