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Sathya N

Sathya Natarajan

Member at PreSales Collective

Sathya is knonw for wining the GMHA Best Humanitarian Award, & 2017 iVolunteer Award Hero Finalist His contributions to India Swach Missions is covered in Forbes India magazine & TedX Show. Owner of Single page tree act & Published Pune’s first Urban Tree Election manifesto through Operation green. Sathya is an Avid storyteller and has individually told stories to 4000 women through the Red Dot campaign about safe disposal of menstrual waste & Dignity of Labor. Simply call him an Environment Foot Soldier.
On his Professional side, he has 25 yrs of IT experience & as Director of Technical Support/Customer success,-built PTC’s world’s largest support center outside Boston & helped it achieve Centre of Excellence status thrice in a row servicing 85% of the world call volumes, Helped the company achieve “Great Places to Work”. Indeed, he was recognized as a Changemaker by his CEO at Boston’s headquarters for work-life balance initiatives resulting in 65% of Indian employees choosing to use those services.
With his experience as a Co-founder, Pre-sales & outbound Marketer of environment start-up delivered new software products introductions in PLM &, IoT domain.


If you always do what you've always done, you always get what you've always gotten.

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