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Sanjeev Loomba

Sanjeev Loomba

Pioneer of Valuepreneurship

Sanjeev Loomba is the architect and author of Valuepreneurship® He is the Winner of the UK National Training Awards 2009 & a Judge on UK Business Awards
He is the founder and principal speaker at The Real Potential – a global training and development organisation. With over thirty years of leading global corporations, transforming hundreds of organisations and thousands of people, Sanjeev’s experientially honed methods have brought growth and exceptional results and performance to individuals and businesses, from blue chips to SMEs.
Sanjeev is an MBA from Cranfield, accountant and finance graduate, he has honed his coaching and training talent during his management career in multinational corporations as Director of Finance, Marketing, Strategy and as CEO in industrials, IT and service companies based from various worldwide locations. Before embarking on his passion with The Real Potential, he was CEO of a Europe Wide IT software and solutions company based out of Paris.


If you always do what you've always done, you always get what you've always gotten.

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