Roshan Bhat – APPL Class of 2013

Development Manager, Informatica to Senior Development Manager, Informatica

IPL Experience

“The APPL program offered by IPL was customised Informatica. For me, thefaculty was the most important, and they impressed me. The program was really experiential learning, and not on paper. We learnt by doing and working on cases."

Key Takeaways

Understanding the business aspect of the software industry.

Understand why a product may fail even though it was technically sound

What really matters if I need to move to the next level-Executive presence,presentation and articulation with my peers across different functions.

Thanks to APPL I now have a two-way communication with people outside Engineering –they can appreciate what I am trying to articulate, and I can understand their needs. It’s just the beginning, but I have got started!

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