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Reversing the Indian Brain Drain

Ambarish Kenghe, Alok Goel, Rich Miranov and other Industry Leaders at your service

There is good news for the Indian product space, and great news for Myntra, India’s leading m-commerce platform for fashion & lifestyle. Ambarish Kenghe joins Myntra as Senior Vice-President and Head of Product, bringing with him 15 years of experience in core product management. He leaves Google Chromecast, where he was instrumental in establishing it as one of the most successful electronic devices on the market.

Kenghe’s return to India is monumental in significance, as it signals the exciting phase that the Indian Product market has entered. Many of our great innovators are returning to the promise of the current Indian market, with its booming technology and understanding of Cloud. As Kenghe himself vouches, “I am also excited about moving to India where a large chunk of next billion Internet users will come from.” The space that Kenghe is so confident about is a rapidly maturing product space, where startups are not just mushrooming but flourishing, especially in the software vertical. More and more technology experts are choosing to stay or return to the domestic market, attracted by the sheer potential revenue vis a vis the costs.

Waiting at the frontlines with open workshops is the Institute of Product Leadership (IPL), having initiated a quiet revolution in the productization space in India. IPL has been roping in industry leaders like Kenghe to be part of its faculty, providing experiential learning to its hand-picked batches of product experts.

To name-drop, IPL’s faculty includes luminaries like Alok Goel, the man with the magic wand who transformed RedBus and FreeCharge with a keen mobile strategy; and Rich Mironov, the ‘go-to-market-strategist’ and agile consultant for six startups. Mironov has authored a book (The Art of Product Management: Lessons from a Silicon Valley Innovator) on how to think like a PM, rather than how to ‘do’ micro tasks in PM, gathering together the most useful PM bytes from 2002-2008.

If India is ready to receive back her whizkids, then IPL is waiting right there in the wings to honour our Product heroes and mentor the incoming generations of product managers who understand, respect and respond to the dynamics of a technology-driven product ecosystem.

When Goel shares invaluable lessons learnt from launching a pioneering service like RedBus in a nascent market, or Mironov discusses and analyzes the challenges faced each phase of the startup lifecyle, they are in fact impacting a whole new generation of Product Innovators who are primed to leverage the promise of the current ecosystem in India.
IPL brings in this premium thought leadership to its classrooms, distilling the combined product knowhow into its experiential learning courses in product leadership.

IPL’s continuous effort has been to bring the best and most successful minds in Product Leadership to you through interactive talks, workshops and seminars with product visionaries. It aims to create thought leadership among aspiring managers and entrepreneurs, and provide opportunities to learn what works and what doesn’t in this transforming landscape.


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