Corporate Hiring Manager Engage

As a Hiring Manager, you can engage with the Institute to find Product Leadership Talent

3 ways to discover and hire the right talent you are looking for

1. Join Corporate Connect session at Career Thursday Events

Join the Corporate Connect session at Career Thursday events at the IPL Koramangala campus to meet and engage potential talent relevant for your needs and have an opportunity to pitch your company and the open positions in Product Management roles.

2. Sponsor a Product Challenge for a Productathon competition

At IPL, we understand the importance of hiring only the best minds in the business. We believe resume based hiring is out, and hiring based on performance and creative problem solving ability is the way to go.  We invite hiring manager to sponsor a product challenge and encourage students to submit solutions.

An industry coach at IPL reviews the submitted solutions and shortlists the best ones for a Productathon event where a jury formed by sponsoring manager picks the best winning student(s) for the next step in the hiring process.

3. Sponsor a Product Challenge for 100 day internship

As part of our “Learning by Doing” pedagogy at IPL, selected EMBA participants are invited to take on an industry sponsored product challenge problem working on for at least 100 business days. Industry Sponsor Projects can range from User Experience/Prototyping to GoToMarket Strategy, from Online Marketing Execution to Customer Validation and Segmentation – essentially any aspect of the productizing process.

While there is NO financial expectations on either side (most are full time working professionals), it’s more of a service to the company and providing exciting learning experience to the participant. See if you can identify some exciting projects for them to work on.