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Farmers in India face many issues such as labour, direct access to markets, pricing, and high costs of transportation. Additionally, the government often intervenes to fix the price of the yield crops, and unlike other production units where the producer fixes the price, the farmer remains at the mercy of the government. Middlemen between the farmers and consumers also prevent direct profits from going to the farmer.

Target customer

In rural areas – Small farmers with less than 10 acres of landIn urban areas – Medium and large communities (100 to 1000 families) in Bangalore, educational institutions, corporate employees, individual Contributors, expats and NGO’s

Proposed Solution

The solution addresses farmers, who possess less than 10 acres of land, by enabling urban population do the farm work and community aid to increase farmer’s income and enhance their lifestyle. Engaging large urban communities to contribute in farming through structured facilitation programs such as sweat donations and agritourism would mutually benefit people in urban and rural areas.

The solution will include a platform to connect farmers with markets and customers.

Value Proposition

For farmers – Increased income, gain knowledge of organic farming, access to direct markets, reduced labour issues.

For urban people – Gain knowledge of agriculture and organic farming methods, exposure to ecotourism. Children are exposed to farming, understand common issues in agriculture and value their plate of food.


Satish Rachanna,
Project Executive, IBM

Somesh Sahu,
Associate Manager, Accenture

Sridhar Eshwarappa,
Practice Head, Seventhsense Technologies

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