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Puja Kohli

Puja Kohli

Founder, People & Change Catalyst, Unfold-Consulting

Puja has about 22 years of experience as a human resource leader, providing strategic thought to shape human capital solutions for Global and and local organizations in India. Puja is the founder director of ‘Unfold’ ( ) an organization that offers unique people and change based solutions to build winning cultures that are Inclusive, Intrapreneurial and Future Ready for clients across industry
As part of her portfolio in Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Puja has been studying and working with the phenomena of Gender, Generational, Regional or Cultural biases at work in India for over a decade. She has provided thought leadership with her work through industry driven research and speaker and expert with industry bodies. Unfold has a unique platform to engage with the phenomena of Innovation through Intrapreneurship that additionally promotes women in innovation ( . She works closely with the Indian Women Network, CII, Karnataka. She has had leadership roles with companies like Accenture and CGI in her career.


If you always do what you've always done, you always get what you've always gotten.

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