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Product Management Professional Workshop

3-Day comprehensive professional certification workshop focussed on building and developing foundational skills for  end-to-end product management and strategic marketing. 
Workshop Modules

Workshop follows a hands-on approach through a structured methodology to product management both inbound and outbound.


Productizing Process

Primer to productising innovation -Introduction to product management, Overview of Productising Process Framework.

Market Analysis

Customer Value Research and Analysis, Firm Competencies, Competitive Industry / Market Analysis, Customer Win/Loss Analysis, Firm Performance Analysis

Product Planning

Requirement Definition, Product Line Economies , Budget Planning and Cost Management., Market Acceptance and Availability, Product Roadmapping.

Strategic Planning

Target Market Definition and Sizing, Product Strategy, Strategic Pricing, Buy, Build or Partner ?, Business Model & Plan.


Positioning and Value Communication, Routes - To - Market, Channels and Partnerships, Marketing Planning, Launch Planning, Customer Acquisition Models.

Sales Enablement

Collaterals and Lead Generation, Sales and Channel Training, Customer Relationship Management, Funnel Analysis, Market Assets at Different Sales Stages, Technical Tools Vs. Business Tools as Marketing Assets.

Ideal For

Experienced Professionals who want to move up the value chain

Product Managers, UX Leaders
Business Analyst, Market Analyst
Project Managers, Program Managers
Engineering Managers (QA, Dev, Support)
Agile Product Owners/Technical Product Managers
Workshop Takeaway / Benefits

Transitioning from Intuitive & AdHoc to Best Practices Driven Product Management

Understanding full spectrum process of productizing with clear Actionable product skillsets & best practices templates (Tools & Templates Included)
Understanding of new emerging business models such as Freemium and SaaS
Learn and understand framework for validating innovative ideas
Achieve higher product success rate
Better interlock with internal and external stakeholders

The Facilitation was Amazing.! Conversational Learning and live examples help in Recall.

Gunjan Govani,
Customer Success Manager, Linkedin

The Workshop was very informative on learning new concept and various methodologies which we can apply in Real World.

Prabhakar Pragasam,
Software Consultant, Inaya technologies

Great Insight on Product Leadership. Nicely chosen content to cover important Topic.

Mamta Sharma,
QA, Schneider Electric

The course was an Mental refresher and allowed to unlearn and relearn key Product Manager Principles.

Narendra Babu,
Product Marketing, Plintron

Great and learned about Product Management and MBA stuff on three days. Power of Product Management. Very useful and it will help me to improve my Carrier Path.

S.K. Sathis Kumar,
Product Manager, Plintron Tech

This is an excellent course for various project managers struggling to transition to a new Product Leadership Role.

Saiprasad Cherukuri,
Project Manager, Microsoft

The course gives the complete view to Product Management Life Cycle and how we can influence area that i thought where not part of my scope of influence.

Vinod Joshi,
Program manager, Microsoft

Definitely i liked curriculum very much. Relevant to job that i do. Keep up the great work!

Saurabh Deo,
Program Manager Lead, Microsoft

I had wonderful insights into Product Management life cycle.

Chandrasekhar Peram,
Project Manager, Schneider Electric

The knowledge of the facilitator was Awesome.! The way he answered the questions where coming from the real experience.

Joseph E Joseph,
Principal Product manager, Oracle

Facilitator was awesome! During session provided so many examples to supplement each concept for better understanding.

Vankat Rajagopalan,
Project Manager, Sun Edison

This was my perception turning and helps me thinks & act like CEO of my product and features.

Prakash Masand,
Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Absolutely i would have no hesitation in recommending the program in my company and others.The facilitator made the session extremely interesting.

Aruna Savant,
Senior VP, Indus Software

The program is a very good experience of the various elements of Product Management.

Naren Kaushik,
Product Manager, GE Health Care.

It is a great workshop to learn product management skills. I will encourage strongly to others.

Lokendra Singh,
Product Manager, Pulse Secure

The Session provided me with a holistic view about Product management.

Jagdeep Raju,
Product manager, Cisco

Highly Recommended Workshop for any Product Managers. It's like an Executive MBA Program for get benefitted.Appreciated the Faculty.

Koteshwar Rao,
Sales & Marketing, Vox Valley Technologies

Understood the job roles of other Stack holder's. Specially Marketing & Sales Understanding the Product Life Cycle.

Sreenath Kulkarni,
Project Manager, Vox Valley Technologies

Product Management as aprocess carrer planning in product management.

Yogesh Anand,
Sr Expert Eng, Etisalat UAE

Fundamental and structure learning of PMP / moving out of technical perception and moving into product owner.

Jeevan Kumar Sivasankaran Nair,
Senior Manager, Cleartrip Pvt Limited

Very good structured understanding about the entire process product life cycle a differentiated thought processing approaching product.

Sanjeev Sreedharan,
Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Olx India Pvt. Ltd

Frame work for productizing process / appreciate the interdisciplinary efforts in making product.

Badrinarayanan Krishnan,
Head - Technology Architecture, Market Simplified India Limited

Process practise reflector / perspective Pinkesh and diverse group.

Madhan Periasamy,
Sr Product Manager, Microfocus

Solve real problems with creative product strategies.

Kamal Anand,
Sr. Manager Projects, Cognizant

Over time, you develop more confidence in your own abilities to be a leader at greater levels of responsibility.

Chandan Sardeshmukh,
Product Manger, Intel

The program provided practical insights and frameworks to optimize product decisions.

Namit Agrawal,
Program Manager, Adobe

Adaptive's workshop facilitators are real world practitioners and so with an amazing array of real life examples to supplement Product Mgmt concepts it really makes the experience delightful. Highly recommend.

Venkatraman V. ,
Head Of Development, RM R&D Ericsson India

Presenter has unique experience and very knowledgeable. Keeping the audience engaged and Qualitative interaction and the course material was very relevant.

Sowmya Srinivasan,
Customer Engineer ,NDS,Cisco

Active Learning through Adaptive's workshop was a great way to add to my portfolio of skills that are demonstrable. Strongly recommend to anyone who wants a learning experience through live case studies and immersions beyond academic theories.

Vicky Yallappa Nimbalkar,
Product Manager, NSE IT LTD

Adaptive Product Management workshops are a great way to experience true product management in the field and help accelerate the application of those best practices in real work place.

Harikrishnan Bashyam,
Product Owner, Alcatel lucent

Awesome workshop with a lot of valuable information & real world case study discussion along with Adaptive's Productizing Process approach helped me understand product management in a systematic and applied fashion.

Neelesh Sadawartev,
Marketing Manager, Akamai

I was looking for how to move from engineering role to product management team and this workshop has provided me exactly that and a systematic way to start practicing some of those techniques to build high II (Influentiality Index) which is needed to move into product management.

Chandra Mahesh,
B.L Architect ,ITC Infotech

Product Management transitions are sometimes accidental. Having gone through a systematic, structured way of learning how this role is performed I recommend this to anybody who aspires to become a product manager or a strategic marketing manager. Real eye opener and yet completely actionable learning.

Jasper Goos,
Product Manager, Netherlands

As a Product Owner the workshop gave me not only the tools to be better at Agile & product planning but also expanded my spectrum of business understanding around strategy, market research and customer outreach critical for me to accelerate my move towards being a global product manager

Corne Fonken,
Agile Product Owner, Ericsson (Netherlands)

I attended Adaptive's workshop on Goto market strategy and it was eyeopening to some extent on the different best practices and processes one should follow for some of the things we were doing intuitively otherwise. Real industry examples, case studies and simplified action plans made the training truly remarkable.

Sujit Janardanan,
General Manager - Marketing, Netmagic Solutions

Adaptive marketing program is very helpful and informative for my role and for many of the senior engineering manager it basically covers product management and marketing insights product strategy product road map , product marketing this helps me to work really well with the product management team to see how we are doing in the market.

Rajeev Ramachandran,
Sr Engineering Manager, McAfee

Recently i undergone with adaptive marketing 6 days program which basically tells you how i always wanted to get into product management line because at-least i see my further goals and targets the adaptive course has been very well structured the trainer is very good. i hope to see that i can get into the product management level very soon.

Akshay Ramakrishna V,
Sr Engineer, Qualcomm India Pvt Ltd

As a Product Team Leader, i found the workshop extremely useful to understand the product management process and the real role of a Product Manager. The engaging style of the workshop was just amazing to keep the energy and involvement levels high at all times! Thanks to Adaptive, I am now very confident to implement the concept & create PM functions in my organization.

Surojit Biswas,
Product Manager, NIIT LTD

Adaptive's training was eye-opening for us. Pinkesh's workshop helped me build a case to move from being Outsourced Product Development partners to Strategic Partners. We are discussing extending our relationship with existing customers into Product Marketing and Revenue sharing model. Highly recommend it to all services companies who are looking to build a differentiator.

Ashwinee Kumar,
Director Products, Ness Technologies


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