Institute of Product Leadership
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Set the SPARK to your Product Idea

And walk out with an MVP ready for launch In 12 weeks

What it is?

SPARK Program to take product idea or early state product to solid Minimum Loveable Product (MLP) with coaching.

Structured, hands-on learning on how to reduce customer and market risk while launching your product.

Global networking

Cross-border/Global networking and coaching with Silicon Valley mentors and coaches.

Access Engineering/Development Resources (120 hours for individuals, 200 hours for startup teams).

Immersion in Silicon Valley and visits to Google, Facebook, Uber and Sandhill VCs.

Learn systematically about entrepreneurship and innovation while you build your idea.

AWS Cloud Hosting support including Workshop, $5000 in AWS credits and $5000 in AWS Business Premium Support for 2 years.

Discounted rates on co-working spaces at Silicon Valley, Bangalore, Mumbai, New York and other locations.

Special access and discounts to hackathons, industry mixers, meetups, demo days and other partner events.

Who is it for?

It is for DOERS!

Spark can be the platform to ignite the fire of your first (or next) venture! A rigorous program that will immerse you in the rigors of innovation and entrepreneurship, it is designed for those with a bias to jump in and DO!.

Committed to Launch

Cofounders of Startups (up to 3 people) Entrepreneurs Corporate professionals with startup aspirations or product ideas.


The Spark program is designed to provide participants the essential frameworks and competencies to start building a viable product (what we call the Minimum Loveable Product - MLP) from day 1. In addition to the learning, Spark provides the engineering resources required to build a working MVP from their product idea. The coaching and mentoring from Silicon Valley mentors, as well as the (optional) immersion visit to Silicon Valley companies and VCs can just be the necessary ingredient to blaze your idea from conception to execution!


This is not a just PPT or a pitch - get your product idea working in a real MLP (Minimum Loveable Product), coached and validated by Silicon Valley product practitioners.

Fly to SF Bay Area and visit the Sandhill VCs, the unicorns and Silicon Valley mentors.[optional]

Global networking

Learn what it actually takes to startup, design, build and launch that product with systematic frameworks. Reduce customer and market risk by doing it right. For us the impact is measured when participants can join emerging startups as part of the core team or startup on their own.