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"Having hired from the Institute, I can say this with confidence that its the best place to access industry-ready product leaders. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to hire product leaders."
Lokesh Tripathi
Sr. Group Product Manager, Intuit
Having hired from the Institute, I can say this with confidence that its the best place to access industry ready product leaders . Highly recommended for anyone who wants to hire product leaders
Lokesh Tripathi
Sr. Group Product Manager, Intuit

Top Skills You Will Learn

In this online product management training you will learn User Research, Prototyping, UI/Ux Design, Design Thinking, User Story mapping, GTM Strategy, Digital Marketing, Sales Enablement, Business modeling, Value Proposition Design, Product Planning, Prioritization, Roadmapping, Market Sizing, Marketing & Launch Planning, Budgeting.

Who Is This Product Management Courses Online for?

Project Managers, Program Managers, Q/A Managers,  Managers, Solutions Architect, Software Developers, Marketing Professionals, Sales Professionals, UI-UX designers, Business Analysts, Consultants, Entrepreneurs.

Job Opportunities

By signing up for this Product management online courses you can work as Product Analyst, Associate Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Product Designer, Product Owners, Technical Product Manager, Senior Product Managers

Minimum Eligibility

The applicant should have at least 1 year of work experience in a technical or business related space with a strong passion to move into a Product Leadership roles for this product management online courses.

Tools Covered

Product Management Certification Program

Get a certificate issued by the C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston and Institute of Product Leadership.

Bauer College’s Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship ranked No. 2 in U.S. on the Top 25 Best Undergrad Programs for Entrepreneurs in 2019. (Top 10 since 2007; No. 1 in 2008, 2010 and 2011)

Course audited and approved by the Bauer College.

Instructors & Mentors

Learn from India’s leading Product Practitioners.

Sai Satish Vedam
Director of Product Management,
Aslam Hirani
Founder & CEO,
Saran Chatterjee
Anuj Rathi
Anuj Rathi
VP Product, Revenue and Growth,
Greg Cohen
Greg Cohen
Agile Excellence LLC
Saibal Datta
Founder & Chief Designer - UX/UI,
GDD - a product design studio
Satyajit Thakur
Sr Chief Designer,
Samsung Electronics


Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions

■ Market Research Process
■ Qualitative Research Methods
■ Insight Mining and Developing Value Proposition Method : Focus Group
■ Creating Customers Archetypes from Customer Interactions and Customer Interviewing Best Practices
■ Ethnography and Empathy

■ Risks
■ Assumptions and Hypothesis
■ Experiments and POC vs Prototypes vs MVP vs Pilot

■ Emerging Market Models B2B, B2C, Marketplace
■ Competitor Analysis
■ Product Portfolio Analysis (GE Mckinsey, BCG, 3 Horizon)
■ Long Term Roadmapping
■ Buy/Build/Partnership
■ Intellectual Property

■ Lean Startup
■ Lean, Customer Development
■ Business Modelling
■ Financial Viability

■ Intro to UX & Design Thinking
■ Prototypes, Feedback, & Critique

■ Overview of Dual track agile
■ Project Charter
■ Business goals and success criteria
■ User Personas
■ User Story Mapping
■ Tool – StoriesOnBoard

■ What is Scrum
■ Roles in Scrum
■ Scrum Ceremonies(Sprint planning, Scrum meeting, Sprint review, Retrospective)
■ Effectively managing product backlog(backlog Grooming, Writing effective User Stories, Splitting user stories)
■ Agile Planning process(from release to sprint)
■ Running Agile Sprints
■ Agile Estimation
■ Agile Technical Practices(Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development, Behaviour Driven Development, Refactoring)
■ Maintaining Quality in Agile(Acceptance test driven development, Definition of Done,Kaizan,…)
■ Agile Teaming Practices – Social contract, Mood Marbles,…

■ Positioning 
■ Go-To-Market Strategy
■ Preparing your GTM plan
■ Assignment on GTM

■ Collaterals Creations
■ Mapping of collaterals to each phase
■ Sales Battle cards
■ Channel Management

■ Digital B2C & SaaS B2B Products
■ Product Analytics Metrics that Matter
■ AARRR framework
■ Growth Loops
■ Hypothesis testing with A/B
■ A/A testing
■ Prioritization using RICE
■ Data driven roadmap
■ Dynamic bundles & offerings
Revenue & Pricing Models – Subscription, Freemium, Broker

■ Idea generation & feasibility Analysis
■ Market analysis & business potential assessment
■ Target segment & buyer behavior tracking
■ Prototype testing & commercialization

■ Roles & Interlock – PM, PO, PMM, Careers
■ New Product Introduction vs Commercialization
■ Pricing, packaging & monetization

■ Design Thinking and Art
■ Principles of Design Thinking
■ Design Thinking Mindset
■ Design Thinking Toolset

■ User Research
■ Competitive Research
■ Synthesizing Research & Creating Personas
■ Paper Prototyping & Usability Testing Basics
■ User Stories & Feature Prioritization
■ Information Architecture & Navigation
■ Wireframing
■ High Fidelity Prototyping
■ Advanced Usability Testing

■ Techniques for prioritizing product capabilities(MoSCoW, 100$ test, Kano Analysis)
■ Product Lifecycle Process Framework
■ Roadmap Template and External Vs Internal Roadmap
■ Best practices in product steering teams

■ Planning and progress tracking metrics (Velocity, Burnup,Burndown, cumulative flow diagram)
■ Quality Metrics(Build vs repair ratio)
■ Agile Tools (rally, jira, zenhub)

■ Lead Generation
■ Life Time Value
■ Conversion Ratios
■ Tools: mailchimp, unbounce, pipedrive, Thought Leadership/PR, High-tech customer adoption LifeCycle


Hours of


Labs, Clinic Sessions & Live Presentations


Case Study &


Tools & Softwares

Preparing you for Global Certifications

Industry Projects and Assignments

Learn through real-life projects and cross industry assignments

The ICPM Flex Advantage

Strong hand-holding with dedicated support to help you master the art and skill of Product Management, Product Marketing, UX Design and Lean Entrepreneurship

Globally Recognized Certification Program
Globally Recognized Certification Program
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Get Certified in Product Management by Bauer College of Business, University of Houston, USA.
Assurance of Skills v/s Knowledge
Assurance of Skills v/s Knowledge
Read More
Rigorous syllabus focused on skill building & implementation through projects & presentations. Because assessments are not the best way to judge skillsets.
Focussed on Career Transition
Focussed on Career Transition
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More focus on industry relevant case studies and examples rather than theoretical concepts and jargon to help you reach your dream career.
Learning by Doing
Learning by Doing
Read More
Work on real world industry challenges and projects to build skills and present to hiring managers at skillathons.

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Corporate Partners

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Our Students work at

Features / Benefits

Features / Benefits

Upfront Payment

$ 1599

(Includes US $450 admissions fees)
  • With a milestone based learning unlock the course today!

Upfront Payment

₹109000 99000

+ GST (Includes ₹30,000 Admission Fee)
  • With a milestone based learning unlock the course today!

0% EMI

(Admission Fee)
+ 10 Monthly Payments of ₹9862/mo
  • Start learning today! with a Pay as you go model

Our Students work at

Features / Benefits

Upfront Payment

₹109000 99000
+ GST (Includes ₹30,000 Admission Fee)
  • With a milestone based learning unlock the course today!

0% EMI

(Admission Fee)
+ 10 Monthly Payments of ₹9862/mo
  • Start learning today! with a Pay as you go model

Upfront Payment

$ 1599
(Includes US $450 admissions fees)
  • With a milestone based learning unlock the course today!