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Learning by Doing

IPL’s Experiential Approach to Learning


Sandbox Environment for Applied Learning

Our state-of-the-art skill labs are designed to help solve real world problems. With constant mentoring from coaches and solving real industry challenges you will build demonstrable assets and confidence to manage workplace challenges.Forget Exams, think Hackathons!

Product Labs

Learn on Saturday, Apply on Monday

Product Labs is a Venture Builder that nurtures the end to end execution for a new idea with tools to design, develop, and test & market products. Every participant can either BYOI (Bring Your Own Idea) or an work on an indentified startup idea.


100 Day Industry Apprentice

Solving “Real” Product Challenges

Participants are paired with industry practitioners to work on a real world challenge. The integrated internship not only helps network with companies for career opportunities but also allows the participants to build the confidence in applying the frameworks and skills to a problem contextually.


Personalized Assessments

Leadership Assessments coupled with Personalized Coaching

From Influentiality Index (a measurement of influence) & Conflict Management (6 styles of conflict) to Career Anchors - our expert Executive Coaches helps facilitate individual growth plans and identification of blind spots.


Unlimited Coaching

Your success is our responsibility

Contextual Coaching allows for personalized 1:1 attention with industry executives as mentors. We believe that professionals needs different kinds of help at different stages of their career and situations. Our Alumni, Industry Council and Faculty network is leveraged by participants throughout their professional life.

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