Product Positioning : An Important Ingredient in the Marketing Plan.

Product positioning is what comes to mind when your target market thinks about your product compared to your competitor’s products. When you hear Rolls Royce automobile, what do you perceive? High-end luxury car for an exclusive club of clients. That’s how their positioning is. In other way, there’s no ambiguity in the positioning of Rolls Royce.

So why is product positioning an important ingredient in the marketing plan?

Product positioning is a crucial ingredient in the buying process and should never be left to chance. It’s indeed your opportunity to establish and to influence the market’s perception of your products.

Failure to proactively address product positioning is unlikely to end well. With or without your input, customers will position your product—probably based on information from your competitors, which will not flatter you.

Clear, concise and meaningful product positioning also helps cut through the relentless advertising and marketing noise of the marketplace. In your customer’s mind, product positioning gives your messages some context so they can be better heard and accepted.

Consider for instance, how automobile manufacturers position their products through communication via television commercials during sporting events to let audience know what they are launching, or how cosmetics manufacturers run full-page, full-colour advertisements in women's magazines to woo their audience.

For any product, needless to say that product positioning is the foundation of an effective marketing plan because it impacts the ultimate purchase decision.

Remember, great products start with empathy for the end user. If you can put yourself in the shoes of the customer and feel the pain of your future customers you’ll be able to create a much better solution for that pain and your product will eventually succeed in the market.

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