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Product Manager job Description

Product Manager job description

Product managers are responsible for the management of new or existing products within an organization or business. The aim of a product manager is to oversee the supply of products that are useful and profitable for the business. In most cases, a product manager is in charge of a team of people who are involved in the design and development of a particular product. The Product Manager creates formal business cases and product descriptions and work as a facilitator between the various internal organizations to ensure product policy and processes are negotiated, documented, and executed accurately. Summary:
● The role of a Product Manager involves managing in-life product performance: sales, margin, and churn, conducting extensive numerical analysis using company data.
● Identifying and presenting innovative and creative product solutions.
● Project management of all product integration/launches/changes throughout implementation.
●Identifying the business and operational requirements based upon the business requirements & objectives of each product.
● Displaying a high level of critical thinking in cross-functional process analysis and problem resolution for new and existing products.
● Coordinating and building strong working relations with various internal organizations including; IT, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Product Development, & Operations.
● Leading the development, approval, training, and communication of new products/product changes and their associated customer, operational, system, & process impacts to the various internal organizations. ● Responsible for providing the sales team with the necessary technical expertise to enable them to sell the product. This involves printed and electronic promotional material, product training, and relevant clinical papers.
● Responsible for reviewing product data to ensure that the field force is kept up to date on new developments regarding the companies or competitors products.
● Act as point of first reference for all product related enquiries and work collaboratively with colleagues in Clinical Research and Regulatory to address any issues that may arise.
● Close liaison with the field force to assess the response to and suitability of current promotional material and to ensure that the printed promotional material is being used optimally.
● Designing market research projects to assess customer attitudes to the current product range and new product introductions. Either conduct this research with in-house staff or manage an outside agency ie initial identification of suitable partner, definition of responsibilities, communication plan, divisions of responsibility, milestones, contract with company, review transcripts and reports, and recommend action plans from the research.

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