Institute of Product Leadership

The state of Product Management

Survey Report in India in 2018:

We talked to over 300 Product Managers in India, and here’s what we learned-

  • 30% of Product Managers come from an engineering background. Next in line are Project Manager and Business Analysts
  • 95% of CEO’s and hiring managers say it’s difficult to find good Product Management talent in India
  • 56% of Product Managers have an MBA degree or are pursuing one. They vouch for an MBA as a must-have in the Product Industry.
  • 80% Product Managers plan to move out of their existing companies. Efforts need to be made retain this scarce talent pool.
  • 1 Crore INR being the highest, the average salary of product managers with an average 2.5 years of experience, is 30 lacs INR.

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