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“Old habit die hard” in Agile World

Old habit die hard” in Agile World

Once a heavy smoker and drunker is advice by the doctor to change to better habits to live longer. Critical decision for a patient to follow the advice to survive; Goes good for six months. Everyone is able to see the benefits in health of the patient. Lol what happen, once partying with friends and uncontrollable desire to smoke and drink and at last falls prey to the old habits; long story short, it ends in tragedy. So is the challenge for most of the companies during the Agile transformation is to get the change on the right track and then into roots of the culture of the company which would prevent employees to revert to the old habits.

Existing Challenges:
Agile transformation requires a committed mindset change attitude which is a challenge at personal, professional and organizational level. Organization have been advocating in retaining employees as they have invested heavily in molding them to the current culture of the organization which helps the organization to perform well. Agile transformation is exactly demanding the inverse of present culture to go off and bring in the new culture. From command-control to consensus environment, and from heroic performance to team collaborative performance in an Agile world.

Market Scenario:
Most of the client now prefer an agile implementation as they can see that the things around are changing at rapid pace, and they require platform to make a reasonable better and faster decision e.g. Product trend used to change every 20 years in mid and late twenties, a decade or two it came down to 5 years; now changes are much more rapid and product life cycle and trend have gone down to 2 years orshorter.

Proposed Solution:
Combination of following suggestion might help an organization with a smooth transition with respect to the habits:
1.Consider the change management as ever continuous processprinciples of organizations. Change is not one time but a continuous process for an organization to survive and strive, competitive growth.
2. Best to fuel change is to hire the senior leaders from outside the organization or from otherfunctional of the organization which would bring change.
3.Instill leaders ship at every node and teams, and assist them with the right environmentto grow to be a leader to make a right decision. This would simplify the change management.
4. Performing team to be cross functional, highly motivated and ~ 30% to 50% new hires. They surely need not be individual high performers. We dont need heroes we need team performers.
5. Right training at the right time and at the right level, neither too early nor too late, but just in time training

Difficult to get rid of old habit and takes a time to instill new habits. Create urgency, right leaders, right team and the right training should help the organization to inject change.


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