Workshop on Mid-Career Transition

24th Feb 2018

09:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Aloft Cessna Business Park, Bangalore

Institute of Product Leadership welcomes its audience to an insightful event that will host a workshop on career anchor and wielding data efficiently to drive business decisions. The day is tailored with dedicated seats to serve professionals looking for a career switch in the corporate hierarchy or to gain tenacity in the data-driven world.

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INR 600/-

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Who should attend?

Professionals with 5+ years of experience in the technology or product industry who wants to give their career that ‘extra’ push

Entrepreneurs and startup teams seeking frameworks and knowledge to put their enterprise in high gear

Senior professionals seeking executive skills and frameworks to get to the top

Our Speakers

Prof. Lokesh Tripathi

Senior Director,
Product Management and Product Design,
BuildDirect Technologies

The event will begin with career anchor workshop that will enable experienced managers to unfold self-assessment insights through personalized interactions and a psychometric test—based on MIT research led by Edgar Schein. These insights will underline the hidden anchors and inspire professionals for a mid-career transition, which could become the cornerstone of their corporate journeys.

Key Takeaways

Dr. Marya Wani

Director of Programs,
School of Data Science,
Institute of Product Leadership

Following career anchoring, Dr. Marya will lead a talk session on the importance of big data and how to connect big data knowledge with strategic actions. Dr. Marya will share her comprehensive field of vision on big data and analytics tools, the significance of communication, and building data-driven strategies.

Key Takeaways

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