Mayuresh A Nirhali - EMBA Class of 2015-A

Engineering and Product Management Leader at Oracle


“I am an actor – have been acting in theatre and films for the past 15 years, and I love it! I am also an Engineer by profession. My first job was with Sun Microsystems – where I spent about a decade with technology. Now, I am a Product Manager with Oracle."

Why Product Management after 15 years

“I wanted to stay close to technology, yet start thinking about the application of technology.”
“I realized that Product Management would keep me at the centre of things –the orchestrator who binds all the pieces together, while talking to every function that helps build that product / business. Product Management intrigued me, and I thought I should get into that space.”


“I wanted to complement my technology skills with skills that would help me build products/businesses. While there are many B-Schools offering a generic MBA, I wanted a very specific program.”
“IPL builds a skill-set that will allow you to take a concept to market. They have faculty who are veterans and practitioners, not just academicians. In short programs, I think it’s extremely important that the faculty can talk about real-life experiences, so you can learn from there, rather than just frameworks. I realized that there was no other program that would satisfy my needs.”

IPL Experience

“Product Labs is one of the best experiences that I ‘ve had at IPL. You need to be able to apply the skills you have learnt right away. Product Labs gives you the framework to apply everything that you are learning, and that is true experiential learning. To give an instance, we ‘ve even sold idlis at 7 am on the Ring Road! Those are the kind of experiences that I would remember.”
“The class was a good mix of people with varied experience and roles.

Key takeaways

I believe I understood Product Leadership through this course
“It’s not about the role you are playing currently, rather it’s more about having the mindset of being a Product Leader - you could be in Quality Assurance or Design, but if you think about the problem that you are trying to solve in the market or your business, you can still be a product leader. I think it’s really important to build that mindset in everybody in the organization.”

The Product Space is the next big thing in India
“In India, we ‘ve been in the technology industry for about three decades or so. It really does not matter if you are working for a big company or start-up, as long as you work towards building the mindset to solve problems. We have a great opportunity now. We ‘ve matured enough in this industry to be able to create new products. I think that after three decades, it’s the product space that’s going to take off. “

Future Plans

“After spending 15 years in Product Development, I have made my move to being a Product Manager at Oracle. There is tremendous opportunity in the product that I am working on to apply these skills.”