Institute of Product Leadership
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Manjunath Talwar – PMP Program, Feb 2012

Product head - Yahoo! Travel to Founder & CEO, Hiree (formerly


“I started my career with a Business Management role. Subsequent to that, I was with i2 Technologies and Yahoo! in Product Management. I have experience in global product management including enterprise and global consumer-facing products.” “Being in Product Management, I could get a sense of end-to- end business, and have had to influence things. There was a significant learning – the market to go after, what kind of product we need to have, and the business perspective, how to you keep the balance and have monetization. As a product manager, you have end-to- end perspective on the business. The visibility makes it easier, and I decided to do something of my own, instead of for larger companies.”

The IPL Experience

The IPL course was an eye-opener and exposed me to - Holistic Product Management experience - Although I had done Product Management for a long time, I did not really have a holistic perspective in terms of putting ideas into frameworks, and build them, execute them, and tracking metrics. Availability of Frameworks - As a Product Manager, you would be struggling to put your thoughts into ideas, insights on data, business planning etc. The course brought in many frameworks into which you can put your idea. It makes the life of Product Manager much easier.