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LENS: Realize Your Vision

The Institute of Product Leaderships has been trailblazing its way to the top of the MBA offerings, with experiential new age workshops, innovative Product Labs, industry trending seminars and concepts optimized to emerging managers.

This thought leadership is why IPL has carved out such word-of-mouth acclaim in the industry and by its alumni. The LENS framework provides a direct insight into the way the IPL management delivers its learning, and the reason for its great impact.

Learning Experience Network Success (LENS) – each element of this framework has been carefully created to generate and sustain visionary activity in the way one works. Let us understand each aspect of this revolutionary approach.



World class know-how is delivered in the classrooms and workshops at IPL. Core management and leadership subjects are deconstructed for easy absorption by industry practitioners. Contemporary industry trends are examined and traditional management concepts are delivered through relevant case studies.

The IPL twist on this is that all this knowledge is delivered by industry leaders who have walked the talk. They demonstrate to students the principles and theories that worked for them, helping them succeed in the world. They also explain why and how other approaches didn’t work. Thus, they deliver real learning based on real-world dynamics.



The real differentiator at IPL is the experiential learning it offers through its Product Labs. IPL offers a radical approach in terms of hands-on learning as compared to the lecture based approach. The faculty at IPL believe that any learning is intensified by application. Students are expected and encouraged to bring an idea into the Product Lab, apply the principles learnt, and translate the idea into a tangible working product. The Product Labs have witnessed the birth of many a viable market idea, through intense debate and testing of concepts. The experience of actually walking a product idea from concept to the testing stage and perhaps the launch is priceless.



At the very base of IPL is the incredibly rich network that one is exposed to. The first layer is the extraordinary connections one forms with the industry leaders who lead the sessions. Interactive sessions ensure that all students have one on one time with these thought leaders, providing a one of a kind learning experience.

The second layer of networking is equally significant as one connects with their peers who may have some great ideas and experience of their own to share. This exchange of ideas and collaborations makes IPL a treasure trove. The IPL peer network often becomes a community for life, with periodic workshops, seminars and events that tie the members together.



Finally, the IPL student nurtures an idea, a concept or a skill learned in the workshops, to the real world. This is the final test of the value of the learning. All the interactive workshops, tips gained from great leaders, awareness of the productization process, negotiation skills and confidence shine through as one applies them in the work place.

IPL alumni have repeatedly posted successful outcomes in their career both within organizations and within their own ventures. There are several successful start-ups that have been launched from these incubations at IPL, and many careers that have been jump-started after these insights.

IPL success is a result of not just the learning and the skills achieved in its rooms, it validates a new mindset, and entrepreneurial insight, that is delivered through the right pair of LENS.

Come, join us and change the way the world views you.


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