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IPLites deliver Session to 100 Women Entrepreneurs in IIM-Bangalore

Perhaps, it is one of the greatest moments for the Institute of Product Leadership to have Muthuraj and Kishan as our EMBA program Alumni, who joined hands to deliver an enthralling session to 100 empowered women Entrepreneurs in IIM Bangalore on Lean Product Development. We got in touch with them to see how they made this jump from being students at IPL to teaching at an institute as reputed as IIM-B.
They first met during IIM Bangalore’s Bootcamp for these 100 women entrepreneurs who have been selected from over 6000 applicants for Incubation at the Institute.
Muthuraj who is a Product Manager at SAP Labs, said that he had always dreamt of studying at an IIM. However, he chose IPL as the institute focuses on experiential learning that grants scope for application of theory. He further added, “It was a dream moment to deliver a session at IIM.”
Kishan who is a Product Manager at Bosch, admitted that the Bootcamp was an outstanding experience. “Thanks to IPL and its stress on mind-set development, I was confident to express my ideas on such a huge platform,” he added. By employing humour and hypothetical situations into the presentation, it was an interactive and lively session. “We got a very positive response from the audience. They asked relevant questions and on the whole it was a productive session.”

Many of the women entrepreneurs pressed the two Product Managers to share their experiences as Product Leaders. Indeed, Muthuraj and Kishan felt great to give back to the ecosystem that made this journey successful.

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