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Ingrid B_

Ingrid Bernaudin

Head of Product - Core Business + Growth at Gusto

Ingrid is currently the Head of Product Management at Gusto for Core Business and Growth. She is a customer-focused Product Leader dedicated to building world-class experiences from the ground up through discovery of emerging business/market opportunities, new revenue streams and customer analytics/feedback. By partnering with all levels of leadership and cross-functional stakeholders, she creates holistic product strategy and roadmap informed by industry/technology trends and directly driving immediate value and innovation. Well-versed in data-driven and lean methodologies with a rich background in building B2B and B2C experiences, Ingrid specializes in creating cohesive product strategy that inspires teams and takes businesses to the next level. Her previous experiences include leadership roles at Uber, Shutterfly and SuccessFactors. As the Head of Product, she enables teams through the creation of clear and concise product vision; tying project metrics to product goals and ultimately to company KPIs and financial targets. This empowers her teams to make timely, accurate and effective trade-offs within their respective focus area ensuring expectations are appropriately set and communicated throughout the organization.


If you always do what you've always done, you always get what you've always gotten.

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