Institute of Product Leadership
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Gnana Kumara Swamy – EMBA Class of 2015-B

Senior Manager, Bosch


I want to prepare for my career transition to the next level in the IT Industry. IPL is a great place to bring your idea and build a product to solve a defined problem, if you want a career transition in middle of your career.

The IPL Experience

Great Learning place. The “Learn, Unlearn and Relearn” journey has been phenomenal. Zen Classes, Individual Mentoring, Learning from Cohorts

Key Takeaways

Value Proposition Design, User Experience, Customer Analytics, Finance applying to Product Labs (Learning by Doing)

The Best Part about IPL

Product Labs is the best part of IPL. I would encourage students to think of starting the PL idea and looking for market/solution fit, pains/gains 3 months before joining IPL. This will give them more time to do Market Research, Apply Customer Analytics, User Experience, Finance etc. during the Journey at IPL in 18 months.

Project Internship on a defined problem from the Industry is a great way to catapult your career, if you already have a company in mind before joining IPL.

IPL is a great place if you are ambitious in life. I encourage all passionate product folks to join if Made/Make in India needs to be successful, we need more than 10K product managers.