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Empathy in Data Science: Moving from Good to Great! - Sandipan Chattopadhyay

Sandipan Chattopadhyay is the tech brain behind and Justdial’s digital expansion. His love for statistics is well known. He makes his most important decisions based on his gut (and not logic). At the Webinar on “Empathy in Data Science: Moving from Good to Great!” he talked about using Data Science to find solutions for India’s massive population.

Today world runs on Logic and codes, but the inevitable underlying thread is human wants and needs. Decisions are not taken just based on logic, but also factor in emotions. Data Science today is the driver of those decisions. He sets down some axioms for leveraging value from this emerging system for coming years.

• Digitization has opened up mass markets at negligible costs. However, the key to reaching out to users is Personalization.
• The only way to Personalize user experiences is with the help of Data Science
• When it comes to providing solutions for users, Empathy always trumps over Sympathy
• Data Science is the way forward to build in this Empathy

When looked at from such a POV, Data Science seems like an evolved tool to apply Design Thinking Concepts. The Webinar was a brilliant reminder of the scope and importance of Product Management in the face of emerging technologies and skills such as Data Science and Machine Learning.

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