Institute of Product Leadership
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Eewei Chen

Senior UX Director, Virtusa

Eewei Chen is Faculty & UX Course Director at Institute of Product Leadership. He is super excited to talk about the International Certification Program in UX and UI Design – a global program designed for both aspiring and existing designers. While the program is digital  and designed for global audience, its not one of those “online” programs that stops at building knowledge. With its rigorous hands on projects, faculty led sessions every week and 5 Skillathons for each area of design, its designed for Learning by “Doing”. 
Whether you are new to the world of design and want to build a career as a UX/UI Designer, an existing Designer who wants to move into Leadership & Design Management roles or a Product Manager/Engineering leader who wants to build a career advantage through Design Skills – this program is perfectly suited for everyone with the dynamic Learning Path selection.


Design is the new differentiator for products and services and I encourage you to take a look at this program and see if it can help you build this critical new age skill which is high in demand!

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