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Education Trends for Top B-schools - 4.0

The 3 C’s are going to play a very critical role in determining how top B-schools are equipped for futuristic education on the very backdrop of the disruptive business environment and challenges of the Industry.

"The real role of leadership in education ... is not and should not be command and control. The real role of leadership is climate control, creating a climate of possibility."

Ken Robinson
The first “C” is the right Curriculum which is the bread and butter of any B-School preparing cohort for the new age skills which are driven by Data, design, and product. Organizations are open to disruptive business models which reflects on their bottom line to meet the demands of the disruptive ecosystem we need to design curriculum which connects with the demands of the industry and should be refreshed every 6 months in line with the Education trends.  Know more – MBA in Technology Management

Setting the Context is equally important, can we bring the “boardroom into the classroom”? Industry practitioners and thought leaders should coach the next set of leaders coming out from the New age B-Schools. It is time to transit from knowledge model to assurance of skills for an example “Replacing examinations with Skill Hackathons” a brilliant example of solving the real-world problem. Know more – MBA in Applied Data Science

What does a top B- School promise as part of the current Education Trends? What plays a critical role in building a successful career growth story for a student? With this, I would like to highlight the third “C”  Connect. B-Schools should stop sprinkling Industry guest lectures into an MBA, but bring right Industry folks into the MBA. Practitioners as faculties, a strong network across the Industry with the right folks, and 100 days of Industry-sponsored challenges for the students and this is as real as it gets for the students to understand the disruptive business environment and challenges around them.

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