Differentiating Technology Roadmap and Product Roadmap

Many folks usually find it difficult to understand the difference between Technology Roadmap and Product Roadmap.

Let’s share some insights to help mitigate these concerns:

Technology Roadmap

Wikipedia quotes Technology roadmap as a “technology roadmap is “a plan, that applies to a new product or process that matches short-term and long-term goals with specific technology solutions to help meet those goals.”


• Technology roadmap is driven by a need, not a solution.
• Technology enables organizations to plan out and determine which technology solutions they will need to accomplish a specific set or organizational goals”.
• Technology roadmaps are used to track the development of technology products.

Why Technology roadmap is so important?

• A product roadmap helps organizations make the right strategic product decisions regarding direction and determining requisite changes to the plan.
• A product roadmap defines what all features the product would support and plans to support on future dates where as technology road map defines the technology investment that a company would do in order to meet the product roadmap’s goal.
• Product roadmap is a feature that companies decides based on the expertise they have within the company however when while deciding on technology road map people revert to the following approaches.
• A product roadmap is a great confidence building measure, for you as an entrepreneur, as you can finally see your vision taking shape.

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