Chethan Srinivas - EMBA Class of 2015-A

Chethan Srinivas - EMBA Class of 2015-A

Lead QA Engineer, Cisco Systems to Product Manager, Cisco Systems


“I ‘ve been working in Engineering for 15 years, during which I have closely worked with customers – seen how customer needs and pains. I want to now apply my experience from engineering to product management and create business value for end customers.”


“About year and a half ago, I was looking at a change in my career – either in research or business. I came across IPL, and the Product Leadership program. It was not a common program in other B-schools, and I thought it would help me pursue my passion.”

How IPL Helped

“The first four days of the immersion program were key to my career transition. The Director of Product Management was visiting India and I happened to mention the IPL Program to him. He offered me a role and I grabbed the opportunity. I was able to talk the same language that I had learnt in just four days of the program. I moved to Product Management and have been there since. Every subject taught in the program is relevant to the Product Management function.”

My AHA Moment

“Our product lab idea is called “Gluco-care”, and is for Diabetes Management. The idea is to have a digital glucometer to collect patient’s vitals. The data is synced using a smart phone to a cloud application, which is accessed by clinicians who can provide pro-active patient care, instead of being reactive.”
“As a team we pitched our product lab idea at a State Level event sponsored by a Ministry in the Government of India. We have been selected as a top contender, so I would say that it is the biggest Aha moment of the program.”

Key Takeaways

Better understanding of customer needs

Being able to influence the ecosystem within my organization

Developing the mindset of Entrepreneur