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Certified Intrapreneur (CINT)

Intrapreneurship also referred popularly as Corporate Entrepreneurship is one of the high in demand skills in growth led organizations.
Digital Transformation initiatives have further led to the surge in the need for such managers who can lead teams and units with higher velocity and agility often found in startups.

Intrapreneurs are special Leaders

Design Thinking, Innovation & Evidence based Problem Solving
Business Models, Monetization and Success Metrics
Lean Entrepreneurship and Product Strategy
Art of Story Telling and Stake Holder Management
Systems Thinking, Decision Making & Dealing with Complexity
Organizational Culture & Strategic Change Management

Understand a copy of the Body of Knowledge

Intrapreneurship is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur, but within an established organization
Gifford Pinchot III,
President of Pinchot & Company.

Why get Certified?


Career Path Boost

Certification signals assurance of skills to employers and hence a higher growth package (financially and role wise

Relevant Network​

Be part of an elite network of relevant Be Certification signals assurance of skills to employers and hence a higher growth package (financially and role wise) ​

Execute with Confidence

Understanding the vocabulary and the latest frameworks used by many successful professionals to build the confidence to execute effectively

Certification Process


Anyone with 5 years of professional work experience who has worked in an organization of atleast 500 people or 1M USD in Annual Revenue and have gone through 24 units of Professional Learning Credits(PLCs) is eligible to apply for the process.

Certification Process

1. Apply for Certification & submit the proof of Learning Credits within last 3 months
2. Schedule a time to take an online assessment
3. Solve a Case Study Challenge either at a Registered Center or Proctored Online Session

Renewal & Fees

Certification fees are 299US$ and is renewable every year as long as the professional submits proof of 10 PLCs every year.

Professional Learning Credits (PLCs)

Any relevant webinars, events, trade conferences, attended training/workshops will be considered as PLCs upon submission and verification from the Certification Council. Each PLC unit is equivalent of 1 hour.

Council of industry practitioner

Learning Partners

Registered Learning Partners are validated and verified set of education institutes and training providers who have integrated the Body of Knowledge into their learning experiences

Companies Represented Certified professionals who work in Companies

Get Ahead. Accelerate your career

Learning Resources

Explore below a set of recommended books, articles, elearning courses which helps the participant build a stronger foundation for the skill and stay abreast with the latest research in the area.