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Case Study: Amit Joseph

Amit Joseph, ICPM CLASS OF WINTER 2014, is currently working with Robert Bosch (Ninja Internship) at Mass Transit Division. The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”

Amit Joseph, an MBA from IMI, Belgium with dual specialisation in Marketing & HR wanted to enhance about product management knowledge though he was sceptical whether any holistic product management courses are readily available in India or not.

However, when he stumbled upon the IPL website and found the ICPM program curriculum, he felt the entire program as extremely relevant as it clearly speaks about product management from a technology as well as from a non technology perspective. Amit Joseph has over ten years of experience in HR Consulting, Advisory Services, ITeS & Banking. Amit is currently working with Robert Bosch (Ninja Internship) at Mass Transit Division.

What he liked most about the program is its holistic approach and the course is designed in such a way that anybody whether he or she is from a FMCG or a technology background can connect with it. The ICPM program apparently explains “what exactly is Product Management” and “its complete process” in a very methodical and simple manner. Moreover, the program gave him an insight to the product management space and he gained hand-on experience and got the opportunity to get engaged with the senior product leaders of the product industry.

When asked what he liked about the ICPM program, here is what Amit had to say, “The institute of Product Leadership is building an ecosystem of Product Managers in India. The industry connect session hosted by IPL is very useful as we get to LEARN, CONNECT, SHARE considerably with the senior product industry leaders. We had an interesting insight about our own presentations style from the leadership and influentiality index, as an individual, we are now able to present, modify and tweak our presentation style more effectively and which will be really helpful in the future as well and has also given us an edge over those who have not done this course.”

3 key takeaways from this program

● ICPM has a fair Network in Product Management space.. ●Faculties are knowledgeable. ● Product Labs idea is great.
Post program, Amit perceives a significant amount of change in the way he thinks now, he has started putting up his ideas more pragmatically.

A lot of fundamentals instilled in him through the product management program will be extremely beneficial to him in the long run.