Institute of Product Leadership
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Brahmanand Reddy Patil - EMBA Class of 2014

Group Manager to Managing Director, Vector Informatik India Pvt Ltd.

Why Product Management and IPL

“With my background in Sales, Hardware Development and Software Development in product companies, I believe that I was ready to lead product development. A two-day IPL exposed me to the entire gamut of defining the product, understanding market feasibility and product development, and the critical role played by a product manager. “ “The MBA programs I knew about were purely academic, and I could not make a connect [with them]. However, I understood that the IPL program was purely about product management, a field I was interested in, so I was highly motivated to join the program.”

The IPL Experience

“The rigor of the IPL program makes it really enjoyable. We put in a lot of effort while being on the job. My 26 classmates are all from varied industries – product and consulting, the CISCO, JP Morgan, Avaya and so on.

Moreover, the faculty is amazing. They are mentors and industry leaders, not just academicians, so they bring in rich experience to the class. There is true learning happening in the class for me, which I am able to connect directly to my work.

I am on my toes both in terms of learning and while on the job. Going forward, I expect that I will learn to deal with entrepreneurship within or outside of the company. I look forward to exciting changes in my career in the near future.”