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Book recommendations from IPL faculty

“Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow” - Lawrence Clarke Powell

“Actionable practices to help us get better at embodying and integrating all our learnings” - Prof. Akshay Cherian

"It busts your myth about your rationality and objectivity. Every page of this book makes you think, twice!” - Dr. Marya Wani

Prof. Naveen Lakkur recommends:

“This is a book for Ideation. Smart people have the potential to generate too many ideas. While no idea is a bad idea but the way you deal with the idea is very different especially if it has to become a business.”

“This is a book to inspire innovation, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship”

“Strategy is about preparing for the future and this book provides a compelling discussion about the finite limits of 'experts' and how to still remain in control of your strategy no matter what the world throws at you (think Brexit, Trump, etc.)” - Prof. Andrew Bean

Prof. Nandita Kathuria’s picks:

“..about how cognitive sciences are used to tap in to the mind of the consumer. How to identify universal drivers of behaviour which is so important for the success of any product.”

“She is the uncontested Goddess of qualitative research and what it entails to both the practitioner as well as to the users of qualitative research.”

Prof. Nathan Gold’s picks:

“After people watch Simon Sinek's TEDx talk, most understand why starting with why is so important. It's delightful and so simple in concept. However, 18 minutes is only the beginning. His book gives chapter and verse on the meaning behind his research. It dives into how the Golden Circle is not only a 2D drawing with tons of meaning and research to back it up, but it should also be seen as a 3D cone shaped object. Why? Read the book!”

“I love this book because people can finally relax and realize that they have a lot to offer. This book and the Take-12 Self-Evaluation has helped dozens of my clients figure out what to say about themselves to establish credibility with an audience in 2-3 sentences. It can also be very helpful when you are asked to tell the audience about yourself within a couple of minutes.”

Prof. Steve Caplow’s picks:

“The best book I’ve found on effective presentations and the source of some of my class material”

"A classic about technology product lifecycles and go-to-market strategy"

“A really valuable guide for both your professional and personal life”

“A fun read about the battle between the rational mind and emotional mind when it comes to change”

Prof. Tathagat Varma’s picks:

“This is the bible for anyone building new products, especially in new markets. The most important insight from the book is why new products fail, and what could be done to systematically mitigate the risks around "market""

In today's world, mere execution isn't enough! This book will teach you how to have the confidence to have creative ideas and apply design thinking to bring them to the world.

“A key to understand what makes habits stick (and apply it to building sticky product experiences)”