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An Award Well Deserved!

Kishan Malur (EMBA 2015-B) was recently awarded the Cisco Product Leadership Scholarship.

Cisco’s Enterprise Networking Group has instituted the scholarship as a one of a kind industry-academia partnership aimed at promoting the product leadership ecosystem pan-India.

Mr. Malur currently works at Bosch as a Product Manager in the IoT (Internet of Things) space. Previously an electrical engineer, he started his career with NDS 12 years ago. It was three years ago that he found his calling in the product management space.

IPL’s Editorial Team engaged in an informal discussion with him and got some exclusive insights into his journey so far.

On receiving the award, Mr. Malur felt a myriad of emotions. He was overjoyed, proud and extremely thankful to everyone who helped him get this far. He mentioned his professors at IPL, cohorts, and family.

How do you feel on receiving this award?

Receiving the award is definitely motivating, but having gone through this journey, it isn’t just about the award. I will recommend this program to everyone who would want to try something new. It hasn’t even sunk in yet. I’ve actually done nothing for the award itself. But every achievement and motive I had during the program I did because I was passionate. It was awesome fun because of that passion.

What has your overall experience at IPL been like?

It was a transforming experience. The Product Labs program provided me a platform to bring my ideas and incubate them - something other institutes do not offer in the same manner as IPL. I now have the confidence that I can do anything.

Also, take a look at the cohorts. At IPL, the quality of cohorts is extremely high. Everyone is involved and I truly believe more than 60% of actual learning happens by interacting with the cohorts.

As for the faculty, they were awesome. Each of them reflected on their experiences in class, and you learned with them. It was truly valuable.

What is the biggest differentiator between the Institute of Product Leadership and other Business Schools?

The biggest differentiator for me is the idea of the product labs. There are a lot of generic MBA programs, but I did not want that. I wanted to get into Product, and to do an MBA on Product Management seemed the perfect thing for me. Product leaders from Byju's, Accenture and other big companies were called forth. Also, the assessment program that related to leadership component helped taking things up and pushing them forward.

Who must take up IPL’s EMBA program?

If you are a 5-6+ years professional in India, you have to be investing time every month to stay relevant in a place where demands are dynamic. This program will help you grow. It will do more than just make you realize your potential. It isn’t just about class, but developing skills. It’s about getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new frontiers. IPL’s program gives you the confidence to do just that.

Congratulations to Mr. Malur, and best wishes for his future endeavors!


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