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Anirban Nandi

Head of Analytics (Vice President) at Rakuten India

With close to 15 years of professional experience, Anirban specializes in Data Sciences, Business Analytics, and Data Engineering spanning across various verticals of online & offline Retail, and building analytics teams from the ground up. Following his Masters from JNU in Economics, Anirban started his career at Target and spent more than 8 years working on developing in-house products like Customer Personalization, Recommendation systems, and Search Engine Classifiers. Post Target, Anirban became one of the founding members at Data Labs (Landmark Group) and spent more than 4.5 years building the onshore and offshore team of ~100 members working on Assortment, Inventory, Pricing, Marketing, eCommerce, and Customer analytics solutions. Currently, Anirban is associated with Rakuten India as the Head of Business Analytics developing analytics solutions for the Rakuten global ecosystem across different domains of Commerce, FinTech, Telecommunication, etc and building a high-performing team comprising of Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analytics, and Product/Program Managers in the Bangalore office. On the personal side, Anirban loves sports and is a big follower of soccer/football (Argentina and Manchester United are his favorite teams).


If you always do what you've always done, you always get what you've always gotten.

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