Lucky you, Lucky us: We’re Hiring!

Join a team of passionate, driven, creative, and fun-loving people. Together we’ll change the way people get out there and get together. Its more than a job. Working at the Institute of Product Leadership means, being part of a mission to build a stronger product ecosystem in India


Key Responsibilities include:
● Planning and execution of PPC campaigns (Google adwords and LinkedIn) and ROI analysis and optimization of campaigns for effectiveness

● Identify and implement mechanisms to drive traffic to the websites

● Optimize website for search engine and improve search engine rankings and ensure content appears high on search rankings

● Develop and maintain social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

● Send out quality messages on the social media channels

●Build online marketing strategies in consultation with technology,design and Content teams

● Create Internet Advertisements

● Craft e-mail campaigns and drive with partners and leads

● Integrate online presences including social media outlets with email campaigns

Demonstrated skills around:
● Fluent in English with a knack for reaching out and talking to people

● Ability to think of creative campaigns that stand out in a crowd

● Highly creative with experience in identifying target audiences and devising digital campaigns that engage, inform and motivate

● Experience in optimizing landing pages and customer acquisition funnels

●Solid knowledge of website analytics tools (e.g. Google Analytics, WebTrends, NetInsight, Omniture)

● Experience with A/B and multivariate experiments

● Working knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript development and constraints

● Strong analytical skills and data-driven thinking

●Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in online marketing and measurement

● Ability to keep up with the sleepless and thankless spirit of startups

● Prior experience to work in marketing of education institute a big plus

Qualification and Experience:
●Your passion & ability to get things done is more important than the degree/education you have!

Instructional Designer: Part-time/Full-time

Institute of Product Leadership is a premier B-school focused on product and technology leadership. We are looking for Instructional Designers who are subject matter experts in any of the following areas: Product Management, User Experience Design, Product Strategy, Innovation, Data Analytics, Data Science, Entrepreneurship. The role of the instructional designer is to plan, design and develop content with a focus on creating an enriching learning experience. The job involves working collaboratively with the curriculum team and other subject matter experts to develop highly effective learning assets.

● Master’s degree in the fields of technology, management, design, entrepreneurship or related fields.

● Candidates pursuing their PhD in the above fields will be preferred. Part time employment mode is available.

●Demonstrated experience designing and/or teaching online courses.

●Demonstrated experience designing rigorous and relevant formative and summative assessments to effectively measure progress and mastery

● Experience working with production groups to build learning assets or curriculum, experience working with a variety of media and web developers.

● Strong communication and collaboration skills, including the ability to collaborate across networks and work effectively in virtual teams. Ability to converse with faculty about educational, pedagogic and technology issues.

● Ability to be flexible and creative when faced with novel design and development situations or scenarios.

● Ability to manage multiple deadlines, organize and prioritize work.

Demonstrated skills around:
● Demonstrated track record of the achievement of targets.

● Ability to sell at multiple levels.

● Excellent relationship building capability.

● Excellent negotiation skills.

● Ability to work autonomously.

Qualification and Experience:
● Professional Degree from a reputed institution

● 3+ years of work experience in Education industry


Key Responsibilities include:
● Need to follow up with new and old leads (enquiries) and convert them as enrollments (paid admissions) for courses and programs offered

● Provide career consulting service to prospects

● Build good rapport with existing customers to generate more referral leads

● Provide regular reports and updates to management on leads conversions to prospects and admissions

● Handle Walk-in/Telephonic/mail/website enquiries

● Ensure enquiry conversions in enrolments.

● Participate in weekly meetings & Brainstorming sessions to come up with the new Ideas for leads conversions


Associate Faculty will be reporting to Head of Curriculum Design and Research and will be responsible for providing all teaching assistance to faculty and personal 1:1 learning engagement towards delivering best of class academic learning experience across multiple education programs targeted at working professionals

Key Responsibilities include:
● Personal 1:1 learning engagement with EMBA program participants to assess skill learning and bring key insights to faculty and curriculum committee around learning experience gaps and curriculum gaps

● Research and understand curriculum in leading universities and bring inputs to enhance curriculum design and learning experience

● Research and understand industry jobs and skills required and bring inputs to enhance curriculum design and learning experience

● Assist faculty with preparing questions papers for the exams and evaluation of the exam papers

● Assist faculty in understanding and deploying simulation tools and knowledge for various courses to enhance learning experience for participants

Demonstrated skills around:
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills

● Excellent leadership skills to engage and influence across senior faculty and senior working professionals

●Strong track record of student engagement and delighting customers.

● Ability to self-learn and research large volume of information and derive key insights and recommendations

● Analytical and problem solving skills

● Prior Experience in teaching at leading business schools Institutes is a big plus

● Developing Online Copywriting (Blogs, Web Campaigns, landing pages)

●Developing Press releases, SEO content strategy

●Writing/Curating blogs, newsletters and success stories and testimonial videos

●Create 1-2 free resources each month to drive leads, subscribers, awareness, and/or other important metrics (examples include ebooks, whitepapers, infographics, guides, etc.).

●Blog on an ongoing basis in support of your other projects and to attract site visitors through search, social, and our email subscribers.

●Grow subscriber base by providing them regular, helpful content that’s in-tune with their needs.

● Collaborate with designers, product marketing, sales, and external influencers and industry experts to produce relevant content that meets the needs of both key stakeholders and our audience.

Demonstrated skills around:
● Demonstrated track record of the achievement of targets

● Ability to sell at multiple levels.

● Excellent relationship building capability.

● Ability to work autonomously.

Qualification and Experience:
● Professional Degree from a reputed institution

● 3+ years of work experience in Education industry


What will you do?
● Design,define and execute on a comprehensive content marketing plan that includes Brand Communication, Blogs, SEO, Social Media & Email campaigns

● Hands-on with PPC campaign in Google adwords, Linked-in, Facebook, Re-marketing

● Understand different media channels like video (you tube), social networks (Linkedin), web (blogs, copy), print (brochures) and be effectively able to create content that “vows” senior technology & product professionals

● Developing Ad & Sales Copywriting for Brochure, Flyers

Academic Co-Ordinator

Academic Co-Ordinator will be reporting to Senior Director of Biz Operations and will be responsible as a single point of contact in supporting one or more cohorts in enabling best learning experience throughout the program and managing the delivery of best campus experience from admission to graduation

Key Responsibilities include:
● Manage the engagement of all admitted participants and university admission formalities till the commencement of the program

● Keep the cohort well engaged and provide personal connect to each participant with a deeper understanding of their needs and issues and respond in a proactive manner

● Ensure all program or course related queries and issues are resolved in a timely manner throughout the program

● Ensure cohort is well prepared and well communicated before any class session or lab session or any guest speaker session

● Ensure faculty is well prepared and well communicated before any class session

●Ensure readiness of technology and any other requirements necessary for any class session campus or online or any guest speaker session

●Hosting of any online class session

●Ensure smooth functioning of all campus related logistics and catering working with campus operations manager

●Ensure cohort is well enabled post the class session with materials and videos in a timely manner

●Coordinate and manage the execution of assessment plan for all courses with the cohort

●Manage the planning and execution of key program events like program orientation, term immersion and graduation etc.

●Proactively manage shaping the behaviour of the cohort in program engagement and academic performance with rewards and recognition

●Proactively research and deploy and optimize technology tools to enhance the learning experience for the cohort

●Ensure the program cohort repository for all class materials data and tracking data are all kept up-to-date

●Manage the implementation of program policies with the cohort including timely collection of all payments and assessments

Demonstrated skills around:
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills

●Diplomacy and communication skills to handle any customer complaints and emergencies in a level-headed manner and dealing with tough customers

● Meticulous attention to details to deliver best of class campus and learning experience in every aspect

● Strong people leadership skills to work across and influence senior and junior campus staff without any authority in addressing campus related issues and improvements

● The ability to multitask and manage time

● Prior Front office expertise in delighting customers in a hospitality industry (e..g Taj Hotel) is a plus

Qualification and Experience:
● Any Bachelor degree with 3+ years of customer support experience in education or hospitality industry preferred


We are seeking a Web Developer to work on our company website and web technology based tools and automation. This role is expected to bring an eye for design along with practical web development abilities. You will work closely with our graphic designers, product marketers, and other internal stakeholders to bring to life our brand, product information and collateral, and other website content, via the code you write.

Key Responsibilities include:
● Create and update & maintain wordpress web pages based on mock-ups and design standards for the website

● Integrate web automation tools to drive business process efficiency in marketing & sales and academic operations

● Develop wordpress based tools for augmenting learning experience and various product initiatives

●Collaborate with marketing teammates, senior management, designers, and other project stakeholders.

● Proactively scope and present new ideas to improve our website experience for prospects, leads, and customers.

Qualification and Experience:
● Any Bachelor degree with 2+ years of hands-on experience with HTML5/CSS and WordPress and exposure to Web 2.0 tools

Qualification and Experience:
● Your passion & ability to get things done is more important than the degree/education you have!


Demonstrated skills around:
● Engaging senior HR leaders in MNC companies to create education, training programs for employees.

● Mapping decision making criteria and decision makers in corporate environment for skill building needs.

● Track record of relationship building and delighting customers.

● Prior Experience of selling into IT Industry companies will be a big plus.

● Track and manage sales pipeline and key account management.


Demonstrated skills around:
● Charming, well turned out professional persona

● Initiative and Motivational skills

● Excellent oral and writing skills

● Confident communication and presentation skills

● Creativity and initiative

● Excellent organisational and time-management skills

● Excellent Interpersonal and Team skills

● Flexibility with work timings

● Ability to multi-task

● Ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines

● Coordination and Scheduling Skills

● Ability to prioritize and plan effectively

● Managing Calendars and Travel Itineraries

●Ability to work unsupervised and independently, quick decision making

Qualification and Experience:
● A mature individual with an undergraduate degree in arts or humanities, a strong English Medium schooling background and at least 10 years experience working as an Executive Assistant or Public Relations Executive.