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5 Compelling reasons why Product Managers should take UX seriously

We have figured the secret ingredient for successful and most loved products! Did you know why products such as Netflix, Google, Amazon, Zomato, Apple are so popular in the global market? The secret lies in the design and User Experience of the product. In the realm of Product Management, UX has become closer than ever, especially for the software-based products. As a Product Manager, you have to deliver products that your customers love, enjoy and recommend your product to others.

1. UX research is Essential

First and foremost, research to get to know about your target audience is crucial. Understanding their context and requirements are of utmost priority while building a product. A usual backdrop found by the product managers are they think they know their customers inside out without any research. However, in reality, a research on your customers through surveys or interviews can provide you with valuable information and build a strong customer base for the product.

2. You are not the User

Once you realize who your audience is, you need to get into their shoes to provide them with solutions for their pain point because a great Product Manager is someone who is a customer advocate and truly empathises with them. To accomplish that, they need to be efficient with A/B testing and product demonstrations.

3. Your UXer is your best buddy

 UX is a part of Product Management. Involve your design team during the product designing to implement customer’s requirements in an adaptable manner. This process stands as the highest value as it will help you deliver delightful products that will stand out in the market.

4. UX is more than Usability

Usability is vital, as it accounts for a friendly experience that becomes familiar to the customers and achieves their confidence in the product. Usability is one of the requirements of a product, but UX includes the functionality, model, visual elements, and design sense that makes the product go from “it works’’ to “wow”

5. Testing is more important than you can estimate

A/B testing is most crucial and is a common blunder a Product Manager does is to take this step of productizing very flippantly. A common myth associated is “there is no time for usability testing.” It is always wise to test the product before it reaches to the entire group of customers. It will help you fix further bugs in the features of the product with the feedback you receive and deliver delight to your customers.

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