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4 reasons why you should take the Product Management Survey 2017!

“Email: Sub: You’re featured in the Product Management Survey of 2017”

Dear Product Manager,

Kudos! You opened a valuable email! Yes, it’s a survey mail. But pause right there before you think of junking it. Contrary to popular perception, not all surveys deserve to be ignored.

We’re reaching out to you to be a respondent in the Product Management Survey of 2017 - this will provide the insights for the Institute of Product Leadership’s annual benchmark report on the product ecosystem in India - one of the world’s fastest growing ecosystems.

Responding to this survey makes you a contributor to industry research that can be beneficial to you, the Product Manager or aspirant.

Here are some compelling reasons to respond to the Product Management Survey -

1. Industry standards that can help your career

The Product Management Survey of 2017 is the easiest and most accurate way to get an overview of industry standards with respect to wages, skills in demand, the need for Product Managers in India. These can be critical information when negotiating for a raise with your boss or if you are looking to move into a new Product Manager role. This article from the HR Council details how to effectively use surveys to negotiate salaries or career shifts.

2. Data vital for recruiters

A Product Management role entails a candidate to have varied skills to be able to deliver world-class products. But what are the skills that recruiters should be looking for? What are the competencies in demand for a role as challenging as a Product Manager? This survey can answer recruiters’ questions and help in hiring the perfect fit for an open position in the organisation. This blog on Survey Methods describes the importance of surveys in the recruitment cycle and lists the data that can be useful for a recruiter in the hiring process.

3. As a product leader, understand the trends

In a dynamic industry where trends change at the drop of a hat, it is very important to keep track of the happenings in the industry that may shape future trends. This may be pivotal information to shape your career and grow as a leader. According to a recent survey from LinkedIn, sales and operations are the hottest roles in the industry in the near future. Results like this will clearly indicate the path of the industry and on what skills you will need to develop to accelerate your career growth.

4. As a PM, you love data collection, don’t you?

As a data-driven Product Manager or an aspiring PM, it is an exciting opportunity for you to participate in benchmarking the growing product ecosystem in India. All respondents get access to the insights derived from the survey - yours to slice and dice and derive value from!

It is difficult to find a reason to not respond to the Product Management Survey of 2017! Take the Product Management Survey now. Contribute to insights about the state of product management in India and get valuable information on industry trends and the most-needed skills.

Yes, you’re featured in the survey, but only if you respond!


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