Product marketing

07 October 2018, Sunday | 04:00 PM - 06:00 PM | Hotel Avasa, Hyderabad

This Masterclass introduces you to the fundamentals of Product marketing. You will learn how a go-to-market strategy is crafted and implemented. Go-to-Market plan helps companies that plan to launch products to ensure that you are including the right elements in the decision making process, thinking about the end-to-end customer experience and understanding the multi-step delivery process so that expensive mistakes are avoided.

Watch thought leaders give a LIVE demo simulating the hiring Boardroom and how you can crack the toughest interviews effortlessly by seizing the opportunity to learn & build a demonstrable portfolio by mastering new-age skills from the masterminds of the industry.

Here's what in store


” Learning from people who do “

Kanupriya has a 15+ experience in marketing and now work as an independent consultant.  She is a hard core marketer and is a perfect blend of product marketing and management. Her Specialties are Brand Management, Product Management, Corporate Communications, PR, Online Marketing, Social Media, Business Blogging.

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