Institute of Product Leadership
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Venkateswaran Krishnan – APPL Class of 2013

Senior Development Manager, Informatica to Director of Development, Informatica


“Prior to enrolling in the Applied Program in Product Leadership (APPL) at IPL, I was reasonably successful as a Senior Development manager at Informatica. However, I felt that I could improve in a few aspects. For example, I had difficult in the end-to-end perception of product rollout. My primary focus was on the engineering aspect of the product. When it came to negotiating a product feature or estimate, I had a few challenges.”

The IPL Experience

“The faculty are experienced practitioners who have run their own successful product units delivering content drawing from their own personal experience andwell researched case studies. It was an excellent balance of practical experience blended with concepts.

The peer group involvement was great as well. Sessions included mock discussions and prototypes. Most of the sessions were experiential. The faculty was able to add extremely realistic value to these. I think APPL has some of the best faculty that I have come across in Education.”

Key Takeaways

"Improved Confidence- The leadership, negotiation and influential skills training imparted during the program have made me more confident even in my existing role. I also have better confidence while talking to Product managers and influencing the product roadmap.

Convert ideas to Product Proposals- I can now actually pick up an idea and take it to go-to-market, and even come up with a product proposal present to the Executive Management

How APPL helps Engineering Managers- The APPL program is excellent for anyone working in the software product industry, especially Engineering Managers like me, who needed a perspective on Productizing process and the role an Engineering Manager can play in it. It was amazing to find out that even a development manager like me can wear a product manager’s hat even though it was not a designation.”