Soumalya Sengupta – ICPM Class of 2015

Manager, IT Business Services, Adobe Systems to Sr. Program Manager for Adobe System

About Your Current Role

“I transitioned from IT into Products as Sr. Program Manager for Adobe ColdFusion product family & Adobe eLearning product family. The current role I have, offers the widest spectrum and gamut of perspectives in all the roles I had thus far in my career and has been very exciting. While every organization has a different definition, PgMs play a pivotal role at every phase of the product lifecycle and journey from Concept to Ship to Support and while keeping a close eye on what I love to call as - Why, What, How, When."

How has the IPL/ICPM experience helped accelerate your career in the products sphere?

“While in the middle of all this action and working with a diverse and extremely talented team, the topics at IPL has helped to connect with my peers and cross-functional teams as I onboarded into my new role. It helps to understand the value of every piece of the overall puzzle of the productizing process and product development journey. This relates to resulting strategies, initiatives and actions each team strives towards to build the perfect harmony of stability, consistency and value.”