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Sandeep Kochhar

Storyteller bleWMinds Consulting

Sandeep Kochhar is an Influencer & leading Content Marketer.  He has been awarded with Linkedin Top voice 2019 recognition. His content on social platforms get 5 Million views every month for the stories published.  286,000 people trust Sandeep on his guidance and career recommendations. He touches millions of lives in a small way to transform them, thus making a small difference in helping the world become a better place.  He has written 1300 stories so far! 


“Stories have been there for a very long time, and we all have been hearing them ever since our childhood. One of the interesting things about stories is that they appeal to our emotions and unlike data is not something that we get used to or get bored of. Remember, stories always remain fresh and in our memory for a very long time."

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Keynote - Story Telling for Products

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