"We live in a knowledge economy. Investing in Education is the best investment"

- Vimal Solanki EVP Intel

Workshop Payment
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Workshop Tuition Fees
(Inclusive of)

● Lunch, Refreshments
● Reference Book & Materials
● Best Practices Toolkit & Template
●Quarterly Followup & Coach time (Annual)
● CLAP Membership (Annual)

AIPMM Annual Membership Fees (Includes of )

● Online Test Admistration
●Physical Proctoring Center (If Applicable)
● One free re-try included.

AIPMM Annual Membership Fees
(Includes of )

● Professional Member Fees for AIPMM, USA

AIPMM Test Preparation Fees
(Includes of )

● Online instructions, exam simulation, concepts clarification etc. as preparation for the exam.