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School of Data Science

2 Day Masterclass On
Building Best Practices & Skills For
Data Smart Business Leaders

Business Decision Making With Data Science: Analytics To Action

R, SPSS, Excel

Go beyond buzzwords and build a solid understanding of applied Data Science for making smarter strategic decisions. Get hands-on with data science algorithms using the latest tools.

 Data Science Workshop 
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Who is it for?

Software Engineers, Decision Makers, Early Career Professionals, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Engineers, and professionals looking for a structured understanding of data science and data driven decision making.

Learning Outcomes

Use data to present, critique, and defend business decisions to key stakeholders

Learn to use analytics as a competitive strategy

Working knowledge of algorthims to apply on real data sets to infer and deduce insights.

Confident, Cross functional communication with Data Scientists, Engineers,Business leaders


Data Science and Business Decision Making

Understand the landscape of Data Science for optimization and effective decision making for business leaders. Use-cases on how data can optimize business decisions.

Actionable Insights from Data

Work with real data sets and understand what the numbers are telling you. Familiarize yourself with data terminology to appear more data savvy in your business discussion.

Data Science in Action

Learn popular data analysis algorithms with real business cases and use them to improve decision making, optimize your solutions. Electives: Cohort analysis, Cluster Analysis, Regression, Market Basket Analysis, etc.


Industry Practitioners who know DO !

Faculty Learn from expert practitioner faculty with recognized prowess in Data Science, Machine Learning and Visualization. The Institute faculty are known for their ability to bring practitioner flavor to the classroom with a focus on real life business situations using case analysis and advanced pedagogical methods. We focus on learning frameworks that create actionable skills for the participants.

Data Science Workshops

february, 2024

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